In the half-sun of long days
let us draw our tired bones together

let us forget the unfaithful ones
the unfeeling friends

the sun wavers among the pine trees
let us forget those who are unaware

there are lands within the land
small uncared-for countries

let us not think of the happy ones
let us forget their false teeth

let the sensitive once sleep
on their fine feather beds

you have to know particular stones
full of layers and secrets

to rise with the greening light
with the despair of trains

and touch that crust of the world
which always traveled with us

let us forget the one who is hurt
who feeds on a single setback

the trees above leave open
a half-circle criss-crossed

with wires of pine and shadow
with the air shedding its leaves

let us forget with generosity
those who cannot love us

those who look for fire and fall
like us into oblivion

there is nothing better than
early morning at the sea-foam

a dog approaches and smells the sea
suspicious of the water

all the time the waves keep arriving
dressed in white for school