Andrew works in the kitchen He’s going
to get me out of here.

My boyfriend doesn’t believe me.
—my ex boyfriend. Andrew’s gone 
to N.Y. he says.

But I know Andrew’s here waiting
for his chance.

• • •

The pretty woman told me I’m going 
to be one-on-one. She means Andrew
is going to be here and we will sleep together.

I call the black woman with the thermometer 
witch doctor in a friendly way. 
I try to get information out of her about my 
one-on-one with Andrew.

She took me to a closet and gave me 
a nightgown and made me take a shower 
to prepare for Andrew.

The skinny girl comes and garbles 
in my room because she knows 
about my one-on-one.

It makes me jealous she knows about it.