J. Darribehaude is a French film director and television producer whose interest in Celine's work was rewarded when Celine first became his friend and then accorded him the interviews here printed in English translation for the first time. When considering a screen version of Journey, he called on Celine with a tape-recorder and asked him to suggest ideas for the script. Celine, who had long envisaged such a film, responded with an unusually complete impromptu monologue which amounted to a working draft for a film scenario.

  Well, here you are. July '14. We're in the Avenue du Bois. And here we have three somewhat nervy Parisiennes. Ladies of the time— time of Gyp. So then, for God's sake, we hear what they're saying. And along the Avenue du Bois, along the allée cavalère goes a general, his aide de camp bringing up the rear, on horseback, of course, on horse- back. So the first of the ladies, for God's sake, “O I say, it's General de Boisrobert, did you see?” “Yes, I saw.” “He greeted me, didn't he?” “Yes, yes, he greeted you. I didn't notice him. I'm really not interested, you know.” “But the aide de camp, it's little Boilepère, O he was there yesterday, he's impossible, don't show you've seen anything, don't look, don't look. He was telling us all about the big exercises at Mourmelon, you know! O, he said, it means war, I'll be leaving, I'm. going... He's impossible, isn't he, with his war...”