Fiction: M-O

Fiction of the Day

Mogera Wogura

By Hiromi Kawakami

Let me tell you about my mornings. I’m an early riser. Most days, I wake up even earlier than my wife. If the sun has risen, thin rays of light filter down through the cracks in the ceiling. I just lie there


Childhood, Boyhood, Youth

By Andrew Martin

They had finished reading War and Peace, and now they were celebrating their triumph at a Russian supper club in Brighton Beach. There were twelve of them seated at the long table (“Just like that painting of what’s-his-name’s dinner, minus what’s-his-name,” Kyla said brightly), and, well, Derek assumed that at least half had probably finished War and Peace. Or, fine: he imagined it was safe to say that, on the whole, the table had at least started reading War and Peace.