Fiction: 1950s

Fiction of the Day

Mogera Wogura

By Hiromi Kawakami

Let me tell you about my mornings. I’m an early riser. Most days, I wake up even earlier than my wife. If the sun has risen, thin rays of light filter down through the cracks in the ceiling. I just lie there


The McCabes

By William Styron

It all came about like this. Poppy, whose religious activity had been intense all through the Lenten season (at times Cass had thought that if she brought one more fish into the house he would throttle her), reached a kind of peak of fervour during Holy Week; unremittingly, she had addressed herself to all sorts of complicated rites and offices, in pouring rain dashing out to see the various Stations—whatever that meant—and it was at one of these, Cass knew not where—at the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, perhaps, or that other one, with the Giotto fresco, San Giovanni in Laterano—that she encountered an American couple, the McCabes.