***this is for all those wicked NDN bros out there up at ONE AM on a FUCKIN TUESDAY who are thinking about doing that thing they thought about doing for a long time but never had the fuckin COURAGE OR NUTS to do every one of you pricks every one of you cocksuckers knows what im about right now specially those bros who are FUCKED UP in that GOOD FUCKIN WAY the way i am right now ho jokes im plum gutdamn sober haha jokes i aint and you know this maaaaaaan i know you are out there right now really wanting to know what is going on in my life so here it is you BITCH that is the purpose of a site like this enit to share what is going on in our lives it is even right there in the button thing “click share you fuckin asshole” so fuck yeah you bet your bottom white man dollar im gonna share what is going on in the life of one WAYNE “FLURRY” WINTER THUNDER JR that guy who is your all time hero class of 15 fkn rulez that one youre always dreaming about the one with THA BIGGEST NUTZ hahaha enittttttttt i jokes i aint a queer quit lookin at my nutz haha also sister and mom and my 72 AUNTIES haha 4real2 im sorry you got to see this but u need to SEE HOW IT REALLY IS with her i know i been telling u for years but now u will “REALLY SEE IT” 

and just one more thing there is one thing i really need to say so all those naa-bee-ko-akes i made “friends” with during that one and a half semesters of school in clarkston before i realized i didnt need no white man school to tell me how life is every one of those fuckers can just get off this DICK haha jk jk fuck i love those white men who know everything and are always ready to tell us about us well how about this motherfucker how about i tell YOU something about US hayz im just FUCKIN around this aint even for you but you can listen in bcuz YOUR GONNA ANYWAY ENIT and when its all over with you can go write a paper about it haha i remember how you looked at me “professor hadley” when i told you in class you didnt know what you were even talking about and im telling you again just like i did in your office that one day after you failed me that you dont know nothing about this place you dont know fuckin NOTHIN but there you are gettin paid those good white man dollars to talk about us and tell ndns like ME that you know but i dont know.. and how fucked is that you fuckin bitch so just check this out you want to see something real ima show you what the “REAL REZ” is about and you can write whatever you want just make sure to put my picture next to it but make sure its that one good photo of me from when i was a firefighter two summers ago before i failed that WHITE MAN drug test and found myself in a “difficult situation” haha and yeah i know i didnt do most of the “work” for that class hadley but i dont fuckin care bcuz how does a ndn fail a ndn studies class haha peace out 4 real tho hey..

but anyway AS SOME OF YOU KNOW from what i and my woman have “shared” on this account haha fuck all you bros saying shit about having a account with my woman it wasnt even me bros she PLUM MADE ME DO IT haha anyway we been having a real hard time fuck sometimes it gets real rough out there for “a native american” sometimes it gets real wicked out here in the middle of the night thinkin about “the past” and “the future” as you well know my bros and u know we have had our ups and downs bcuz you have seen our “posts” and ill tell you this much most of those posts was hers she was the one always on here moping around bout how i wasnt romantic enough for her and whatnot always on here talking about our problems IN GUTDAMN PUBLIC like that time right around three oclock on a FRIDAY when everyone is on here bcuz they are trying to burn that last hour of work before they go home and FUCK haha i jokes they probly dont even FUCK they probly just sit around and GET FAT but of course she knew when everyone was gonna be at their desks and on their phones and whatnot so sure enough she posts that pic i sent her when we first got together that said “u like dis err wut” and holay fuuukkkkk in less than an hour it gets bout three hunnert likes and approximately two hunnert and seventy three were those laughing faces and the rest were sad faces except for my auntie sevren who musta been confused bc she gave me a thumbs up jeezus KRISE LU why you gotta DO ME like that but anyways i will tell you this much my relatives i will say this much it is one hell of a thing to get done from a hard and long day at the auto shop where u work for yr BULLSHIT COUSIN for PENNIES A DAY IT WOULD SEEM and as you are walking out after you scrubbed your hands real thorough with that special orange soap after you are feeling good about the work u done shit it is one hell of a thing to look up and see your cousin who IS YOUR BOSS sittin in his truck with that shitty smile on his face you seen a bajillion times and he kind of leans out the window and holds out his phone and there is the pic in question.. posted to this very site and you are looking at it for a LONG AND HARD second haha 4real2 before you realize what it is you are looking at before you realize its your woman who posted that pic ON YOUR OWN PAGE so you grab the phone from your “boss” and see the comments and i will admit i am not above admitting i am a big enough man to admit that some of them were gutdamn funny i mean im a intellectual kinna guy i can step back and look at the REAL BIG picture u know so i could see why there were JUST UNDER THREE HUNNERT laughing faces which is enough to make a guy feel famous but also it was mostly bcuz of what my woman said and not the pic bcuz i will say THIS MUCH that was one of my better boners that was a solid eight or nine out of ten haha like a true bee-gun-knee your bro would NEVER LIE HEY and if you look at that post WHICH IS STILL UP so much for online community standards haha bcuz she said if i deleted it from our account i would never get any again which caused me to weigh out my options in a truly rational manner and given the evidence at hand i deduced i had but one choice hayz look at me trynna talk fancy.. but hey but hey but hey fuck you i know how to read those white man books i was at a high school reading level in early middle school but anyway i deduced i had only one feasible choice which was not the worst choice ever bcuz as i said AS HAS BEEN POINTED OUT as was mentioned priorly i feel pretty ok about the pic i mean you dont go sending a pic like that unless you are feeling REAL FUCKIN GOOT MY BROS just a little lesson from the master a little nugget of wisdom from “your one uncle flurry” who knows how it is out there in the big bad world but

ok im back sorry my bros had to check on things to make sure all was “kosher” so what tonight has got me thinking about is what it was like the first time me and her met or i mean did not even meet so much as “see” each other my bros it was one of  THOSE THINGS that you cant do nothing about it just happens to you like a motherfuckin snowstorm in the middle of july bcuz heres the deal if u think about it we were probly meant to be together bcuz look when i first saw her it was at this party she had just moved back to DA REZ even tho she is FROM THE BEST TRIBE LIKE ME she had not lived here since we was kids and that was why she stood out well not the only reason there was something else i do not believe i will ever understand about when i saw her but what i knew was that she was dressed different she looked nice lol not as rough as these other rez hoes she was standing in the doorway to a kitchen and i walked in with my bro and cuzin the one and only larry “jeepers” holiday the best drinking bro of all time and i saw her there kind of almost silhouetted and that was it my bros i know you fuckers are going to tease me about this but it was like time slowed down i shit you not there was a light on her from somewhere above and we looked at each other and it was like we was the only two people in all of CREATORS WORLD haha jk i aint actin that holy haha 4real2.. and thats just how it was thats just the way it went thats just how the ish went down and it wasnt long before it was me down on one knee POPPIN DA QUESTION but hey fuck you i know some of you cocksuckers thought i was gonna say down on my KNEES fuck you guys are a bunch of perverted QUEERS enit haha but it wasnt long before i told her we should just be together like for the long run and she was like i dont even get a ring??? giving me that sweet look she used to give me back at the start of things and i was like well fuck baby your gonna get that ring but i gotta get somma dat monnaaayyyyy haha 4real2 i was just some brokeass bitch then had none of that regular paycheck shit i been bringing home OF LATE.. and she seemed disappointed or whatever but then she was like well i guess things could be worse

and of course she was talking about her ex the one and only raphael “jazz” lame dog that famous local woman beater and rapist who lu got with right when she moved back for half a year or whatever not like i got it marked in my calendar or anything haha 4real2 but most likely he is getting whatever he deserves in the old hoosegow haha sometimes i
used to really daydream about that fucker getting raped up and down the concrete hallways of that place for what he did to my lulu.. like i think about how he almost killed her.. those scars she got and all of them under her clothes so no one could see thats the kind of guy he was i think about him getting scared when he walked down the hall to his cell that first time just how scared he musta been like almost shaking scared like he couldnt talk bcuz he didnt want anyone to hear his voice waver and i think about him trying not to shower just going around stink as fuck and then one day he gets pinned in a dark corner while hes mopping the floor or whatever the fuck they gotta do when their behind bars.. and i see a set of guys just taking turns on him like really tearing his ass up really running that good train on him and leaving him about half dead maybe a few stomps to the head for good measure and after that hes just done for like you dont recover from something like that u come back from the pen and youve got your tats and whatnot you look scary as fuck but somewhere in the back of your mind is getting fucked by force and so youre not really tough so much as scared way way way back in that part of yourself no one else ever sees that only other men know about bc they got the same thing and that is something i used to think about a lot during that part of my life which is
let me think
about three years ago
lately i been thinking well long as i dont do a “jazz” i do not have to be concerned about such things but i also find myself saying i mean not actually saying but you know “saying it” in your head talking to him like hes here like fuck you “jazz” think your somethin jazzman just watch this u fuckin bitch you think your good you prick ill show u how its done

so now here i am thinking perhaps “that” is in my future depending on how i the real and true living god of the north la fleur hood “my niggaz” jk jk fuck i aint a gangsta haha like some of these bros around here who act like theyre living some ghetto shit no i will say once and for all i am not one of the “boyz” i am not one of the “niggaz” like those four suns brothers who are all inked up and shaved heads and baggy clothes like it is still the LAST CENTURY walking around throwing signs and calling their bros “my nigga”.. shit no i am just a regular indin guy living a regular indin life in the middle of a regular indin night after a couple of good hits off the loc that is me youre friendly neighborhood indin just cogitating on things trying to figure out what to do about me and lu my lu my lulu lulu LULU FUKKIN love of my life thats how it was i talked to her WHICH IS TO SAY TO GET BACK TO A PREVIOUS TOPIC its not like i aint a romantic or nothing and that kind of stuff i will tell you this i bought her flowers a few times at the start i took her out to one of them REAL GOOD RESTAURANTS not like mcdonalds which is where my cousin rob takes his women when he wants to go “upscale” haha 4real2 no i did what i had to do to let her know what she meant to me you know thats how you treat the one you feel the most for and thats how i ended up with this joint social media account haha 4real2 my bros when she says you got to have the same account DONT LET HER DO IT bcuz one day you are professing your love and the next she is saying something wicked about you on the same account you share with her! holay haha take it easy sweetheart ill wash the dishes but whatever but anyway

but so as i was saying things have been real rough and when things get like that