Announcing the Next Editor of The Paris Review



Emily Stokes. Photo: Taryn Simon.

The board of The Paris Review Foundation, which publishes the literary quarterly The Paris Review, is pleased to announce the appointment of Emily Stokes as the next editor of The Paris Review. She will be the sixth editor in the sixty-eight-year history of the magazine.

Ms. Stokes joins from The New Yorker, where she has been a senior editor since 2018. Ms. Stokes was also an editor at T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Harper’s Magazine, and the Financial Times. She is a graduate of Cambridge University and was a Kennedy Memorial Trust scholar at Harvard.

“Emily will honor the Review’s tradition of discovery,” says Mona Simpson, the publisher of The Paris Review. “I believe she’ll publish distinctive work in a distinctive way, with courage, subtlety, and style.”

“Like many readers, I came to The Paris Review through its interviews, which show writing to be the hard, inspiring work that it is,” Ms. Stokes says. “Over the years the Review has introduced me to new and established writers who have provided the most pleasurable kind of company. After a year in which we have been alone and driven mad by the news, the Review’s mandate, to publish ‘the good writers and good poets, the non-drumbeaters and the non-axe-grinders,’ is a timely calling, and I am tremendously excited and grateful for this opportunity.”

“We are delighted to welcome Emily Stokes at a time when The Paris Review is reaching the broadest and largest audience in its history,” say the co-presidents of The Paris Review Foundation, Matt Holt and Akash Shah. “We are also grateful to our readers and other supporters, and to our staff, who continue to shepherd this institution with great dedication.”

The Paris Review was founded in Paris in 1953 by William Pène du Bois, Thomas H. Guinzburg, Harold L. Humes, Peter Matthiessen, John P. C. Train, and George Plimpton, who edited the publication from its inception until his death in 2003. Its interviews with major writers of the last hundred years have been hailed by one critic as “one of the single most persistent acts of cultural conservation in the history of the world.” The Paris Review Foundation also maintains an award-winning digital presence through its online publication, the Daily; has a book imprint using material first published in the magazine; and is producing the third season of The Paris Review Podcast.

For press inquiries, please contact Akash Shah, co-president of the foundation ([email protected]).