#ReadEverywhere: The Cats Edition




A cat ruminating on Ben Lerner’s piece about disliking poetry.

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Okay, that’s enough of the hard sell. Here, in a shameless bid for virality, are photos of our magazines with cats. But this is no time for smug self-congratulation. You’ll note that the LRB is found far more often with felines than The Paris Review. What accounts for this disparity, we cannot say—we refuse on principle to believe, say, that cats prefer Žižek to Houellebecq. But we urge readers of the quarterly to place it in the vicinity of their cats early and often, so that we might attract a wider cat subscriber base before the summer’s out.


A cat getting deep with Donald MacKenzie


A cat contemplating Jenny Diski’s continuing memoir.


A cat all but bathing itself in the critical prose of John Banville.

A cat reckoning with Michael Hofmann’s translation of Kafka.


A cat immersed in Gay Talese’s Art of Nonfiction interview.