The Bible Sizzles, and Other News


On the Shelf

Samson in the Kingstone Graphic Bible

  • The Bible: soon to be a twelve-volume, two-thousand-page comic book with “sizzling art.” (Not drawn by God.)
  • Toronto mayor and possible crack enthusiast Rob Ford has inspired a whole bunch of real-person fan fic.
  • In surprising news, new research finds that the American under-thirty set is, in fact, more likely to read print than older demos.
  • EdRants is publishing George Eliot’s novella, The Lifted Veil, in its entirety.
  • Picador is turning matchmaker. The publisher will be running a “Love Shack” at the Latitude Festival, in which participants will be paired up based on literary tastes. Oh, and “people signing up to take part will have the chance to win a two-night glamping trip with Suffolk Yurt Holidays,” so…