In Memoriam: Marina Keegan


In Memoriam

It is with deep sadness that we note the death of our reader Marina Keegan.

Marina graduated last week from Yale, where she was a finalist for the Wallace Prize in creative writing, a leader of the Occupy Morgan Stanley protest, and a staff writer for the Yale Daily News. One of her most popular articles, on the path from Yale to Wall Street, earned her a guest column in The New York Times Dealbook. A musical she wrote, Independents, is set to be performed this summer at the New York Fringe Festival.

She died Saturday afternoon in a car accident at the age of twenty-two.

Marina came to the Review recommended by her classmates, who described her as the star writer of their class. She was funny, self-assured, blazingly bright, full of mature dedication, and passionate for life. In her final column for the Daily News, she exhorted her readers to “make something happen to this world.”

Our hearts go out to her family and friends.