Hemingway Hotels, Customized Austen, Literary Shame



  • Listen to Allen Ginsberg reading “What Would You Do If You Lost It?” at the 92nd Street Y in 1973.
  • One can now purchase a customized classic—think Pride and Prejudice—featuring you as a character.
  • Incredibly lovely calligraphy, in action.
  • Ted Hughes’s ninety-two-year-old brother, Gerald, is writing a memoir about the boys’ Yorkshire childhood.
  • Shameful reading confessions.
  • The life of the pencil elitist.
  • The Roots, Chris Martin, Regina Spektor, and … Captain Ahab. People of the Book unite! (Adorably.)
  • Hemingway’s estate is starting a hotel chain. Hemingway Hotels and Resorts will be Papa-themed. Says the Web site, “An artist needs inspiration to flourish, and so Hemingway was drawn to the world’s most beautiful locales: Paris, Spain, Venice, Key West, Havana, Idaho. Hemingway Hotels will also be found there, and in other beautiful places around the world, in cities and in nature, on beaches and in mountains. Only select hotels will be approved for this iconic brand. For each Hemingway Hotel must be true to its environment, unique architecturally, and committed to providing guests with active, passionate one-of-a-kind experiences that deeply enrich their lives.”