Rejections, Slush, and Turkeys: Happy Monday!


On the Shelf

  • Dora Saint, the (wonderfully named) author of the bucolic “Miss Read” novels, has died at age ninety-eight.
  • Trouble in Riverdale: the New York Times details the battle for Archie’s soul.
  • Unless you want it doused in liquor, don’t have F. Scott Fitzgerald cook your turkey.
  • In light of Günter Grass’s recent clash with Israel, Dave Eggers is declining to travel to Germany and accept an award from the Günter Grass foundation. Not in protest of the author’s poem “What Must Be Said” but, rather, because “in light of the recent debate, he would be forced into commenting, endlessly and needlessly, on Grass and Israel and Iran, when the purpose of his visit was supposed to be about discussing his book Zeitoun, and the plight of Americans during and after Hurricane Katrina,” according to the Wylie Agency. This is controversial.
  • If you want to get the writer’s experience, try the rejection generator.
  • From the other side of the desk? Get a taste of what editors receive in unsolicited slush piles.
  • The eternal question: Kool Keith or James Joyce?