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A cultural news roundup.

  • Cult author Russell Hoban has died at eighty-six.
  • Just what every child hopes to find under the tree: a Joyce Carol Oates doll.
  • Not so much? How about some grammatical correction?
  • A children’s science book?
  • Or a Vonnegut-inspired tee?
  • (#booknerd)
  • These same people might enjoy an at-home table-reading party.
  • The Utne Reader pulls up stakes for Kansas.
  • Tuck Everlasting: The Musical.
  • Literary novels, the HBO shows.
  • On Joan Didion’s “Oh, wow.” : “Much of the fun in these rather bitchy back-and-forths is seeing literary heavyweights get just this peevish.”
  • Capote in the buff!
  • Pooh’s predecessor!