On the Shelf



A cultural news roundup.

  • Theodore Roszak, a chronicler of the 1960s who coined the term counterculture, died this week at 77.
  • Hugh Grant for Prime Minister.
  • Zimbabwean author NoViolet Bulawayo has won the 2011 Caine Prize for African Writing for her short story “Hitting Budapest.”
  • Penelope Lively calls Kindle readers “bloodless nerds.”
  • In the spirit of “misery loves company,” the Web site My Unfinished Novels encourages frustrated writers to “share your creative failures.”
  • Science fiction and religion.
  • Harry Potter and religion.
  • Miami artist Agustina Woodgate calls herself a “poetry bomber”: she sews tiny bits of poetry into garments in area thrift stores. “Sewing poems in clothes is a way of bringing poetry to everyday life just by displacing it, by removing it from a paper to integrate it and fuse it with our lives. Sometimes little details are stronger when they are separated from where they are expected to be,” she says.
  • A brief history of title design.
  • Reading retreats: book lovers’ dream vacations.
  • Bill Keller is tired of his reporters who want to write books.
  • Daphne DuMaurier’s Rebecca gets the Broadway treatment, for good or ill.