1. You need to build a special table, a rack from white metal pipes or metal poles with squared edges. There is no need to paint it, leave it in its natural metal form similar to aluminum.

2. Cover the table with glass ( cf. sketch) and the 2 lower shelves from the bottom with glass as well. Enclose the back and the sides of the “table” with glass as well, leaving the open side turned towards the viewer. Everything taken together should resemble a medical cart for medicine in an operating room.

3. Build a model of a city with buildings, trees, etc. on the lower glass.

4. There are metal poles sticking out over the table. Tie them together with wire 4 mm in diameter or with metal pipes of the same diameter.

5. Pictures depicting flying people are arranged between two pieces of glass or plastic. Glue them on all sides with a paper glue ribbon and attach them to the wire with white clothespins.

6. Install three lights and illuminate the pictures and the model below.