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January 18, 2012 | by

Evelyn Waugh.

A cultural news roundup.

  • R.I.P. Reginald Hill.
  • Bad news for bookstores.
  • But they fight back!
  • The Edgar Allen Poe Graveside Society and Cognac-Drinker’s Club.
  • “Spare a thought for the authors who pass from celebrity to oblivion within their own lifetimes.”
  • Is it acceptable to answer a phone call with an e-mail? And other modern conundrums.
  • To republish Hitler? And other eternal conundrums.
  • Cormac McCarthy, screenwriter.
  • Everyman’s library?
  • #FactsWithoutWikipedia
  • A comic take on the blackout.
  • Downton vs. Brideshead.



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    1. Joe Carlson | January 18, 2012 at 4:09 pm

      “I am referring to “Brideshead Revisited,” the greatest achievement of novelist Evelyn Waugh.”

      Waugh, a master of the English language and, in both his novels and essays, as keenly aware of form and function as Henry James, is always a pleasure to read. But A HANDFUL OF DUST is his best novel and BRIDESHEAD, marred by the deathbed conversion of Lord Marchmain among other false notes, is one of his weakest. Yes, their are great scenes and interesting characters, but Waugh’s failure to strangle his inner theologian disjoints the art of his novel as surely as Tolstoy’s did with RESURRECTION.

    2. Papageno | January 20, 2012 at 9:06 am

      I am glad “The Edgar **Allen** Poe Graveside Society and Cognac-Drinker’s Club” honors the famed author of “Clarabelle Lee,” “Leonora, and “The Barrel of Oporto”

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