Join Valerie Stivers, author of the Daily’s Eat Your Words column, for a virtual wine tasting with expert Hank Zona, live on the Paris Review’s Instagram account. Each month they toast one of Valerie's column with an accompanying wine tasting.

Watch the James Baldwin event.

Watch the Gabrielle Wittkop event.

Watch the Qiu Miaojin event.

Watch the D.H. Lawrence event.

Watch the Boccaccio event.

Valerie Stivers is a home cook and columnist for The Paris Review Daily, with a long career as a journalist and editor. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Believer, Food52, Time Out New York, Elle, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, and many fine publications and websites that no longer exist. She is currently working on a novel. Follow her on Twitter @valerie_reads.

Hank Zona is a New York–area wine educator, events professional, and, first and foremost, a fan and consumer of wine. He speaks, writes, and consults on the subject of wine and spirits, and the broad range of topics related to it. He has been on TV, radio, and video. He can easily be found on social media under his business’s name, The Grapes Unwrapped. There he hopes to reinforce the theme that wine is fun, social, connective, and personal. 

 Together they have launched “Re:drinking” on YouTube for wine and spirits coverage



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