Ninety-Nine Stories of God, Illustrated: Part Three


Celebrating Joy Williams

On April 3, The Paris Review will honor Joy Williams with the Hadada Award for lifetime achievement at our annual gala, the Spring Revel. In anticipation, we’ve asked the renowned artist Brad Holland to illustrate five stories from her 2013 collection, Ninety-Nine Stories of God.

An original illustration by Brad Holland.


A doctor of veterinary medicine who adored cats and frequently treated them at the expense of his other patients, some of whom actually died for lack of immediate care while he was attending to the cats, was killed in a one-car accident while driving home at vesper time when he swerved to avoid hitting a cat and struck a tree.

The cat was inexplicably sitting in the middle of the road.



Joy Williams has published ten stories in The Paris Review. Her most recent, “Flour,” appears in the Spring issue

From Ninety-Nine Stories of God, by Joy Williams. Reprinted with permission from Tin House Books.

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