Redux: Jamaica Kincaid, James Salter, Robert Bly



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Jamaica Kincaid


This week, we bring you Jamaica Kincaid’s short story “What I Have Been Doing Lately”; James Salter’s story “Bangkok”; and part 1 of Robert Bly’s “Choral Stanzas,” from the very first issue of The Paris Review.

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“What I Have Been Doing Lately,” by Jamaica Kincaid
Issue no. 82 (Winter 1981)

What I have been doing lately: I was lying in bed and the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs. Quick. I opened the door. There was no one there. I stepped outside.


James Salter


“Bangkok,” by James Salter
Issue no. 166 (Summer 2003)

Hollis was in the back at a table piled with books and a space among them where he was writing when Carol came in.



“Two Choral Stanzas,” by Robert Bly
Issue no. 1 (Spring 1953)

The dove returns; it found no resting place;
It was in flight all night above the shaken seas …


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