The Fiestas Are Over



An exhibition of Beatrice Mandelman’s sixties-era work is showing through April 1 at Rosenberg & Co., in New York. Mandelman, who died in 1998, was among the modernists of Taos, New Mexico, who moved to the city in the forties to found the Taos Valley Art School. Mandelman favored what she called the “calm” of geometry as a reaction to the tumult of the sixties. “The work IS hard edged because the world is hard edged now,” she said. “It’s not a soft feminine period. The fiestas are over. The celebrants have gone home. It is time to face reality.”


Beatrice Mandelman, Collage No. 9, 1960s, mixed-media collage on mat board, 15.63″ x 19.63″.

Untitled, c. 1960s, acrylic and collage on paper, 24.88″ x 38″.


The Man, c. 1965, collage with acrylic on canvas, 19.74″ x 13.75″.

Untitled, c. 1960s, acrylic and collage on paper, 25.5″ x 19.63″.

Sea Shapes (#2), 1960s, oil on fiberboard, 60″ x 48″.

Untitled (Freaks), c. 1960s, mixed-media collage on paper, 19.44″ x 12.19″.

Beatrice Mandelman at a swimming pool in Llano, date unknown.