Forty “Autumnal” Hink Pinks: The Answers


Really Difficult Puzzles

This week’s puzzle contest is officially over—thanks to all who entered. Our winner this time is Ryan Grabowski, who got thirty-seven out of forty hink pinks. He gets a free subscription to the Review. Congratulations, Ryan! Below, the solutions. (Answers in bold managed to stump everyone.) See you next month. 


  1. Ash Carter’s brash garters
  2. Flivver River
  3. Sucky Rent, Bucky Dent
  4. Weary Miri
  5. Woolery’s bullary
  6. No Flo
  7. Rei Kawakubo may wow a few beaux
  8. Crikey, Nike!
  9. Ken Bone’s Zen zone.
  10. On board slowly, John Ford Coley
  11. Søren’s sporran 
  12. Innkeeper’s twin sleeper
  13. Whitney’s jitney
  14. Fanny Burney’s nanny journey
  15. Babs Tarr nabs czar
  16. Nico Muhly’s eco puli
  17. Placid jassid  
  18. League night klieg light 
  19. Peter Falk’s meter talk
  20. My bad, triad
  21. Tedium medium
  22. Mark Greif’s Parklife
  23. Please ponder Noah, Mies van der Rohe
  24. Wrangler dangler 
  25. Ross Geller’s sauce cellar
  26. Alt-right malt fight
  27. Beryl’s carrel
  28. Still Bill
  29. Carson’s arson
  30. Amy Schumer’s gamy groomer 
  31. Glover’s cover
  32. Urban turban
  33. Salome shall obey
  34. Gherkin jerkin
  35. Stet, Met
  36. Lillie Langtree’s silly Tang spree
  37. Phoebus, Priebus 
  38. Twin Towers in showers  
  39. No fair, Flaubert!
  40. Nooteboom’s soda room 

Dylan Hicks is a writer and musician. His second novel, Amateurs, is out now from Coffee House Press. He contributes a monthly puzzle to the Daily.