What’s the Takeaway?: The Answers


Really Difficult Puzzles


Ed. Note: This week’s puzzle contest is officially over—thanks to all who entered. Our winner is Mike Emmons, who solved nineteen out of twenty riddles. He gets a free subscription to the Review. Congratulations, Mike! Below, the solutions. 

“What’s the Takeaway” answers:

  1. Laundry, Landry, Landy
  2. Beach, Bach, Bah!
  3. Decal, deal, DEA
  4. Freight, fight, fig
  5. Apart, Pärt, art
  6. Moiety, Moët, et
  7. Touring, Turing, Turin
  8. Luftmensch, lumens, me
  9. Nieve, névé, Nev.
  10. Climbers, limber, lime
  11. Lenient, Lenin, lei
  12. Cargo, Caro, car
  13. Sluice, Slice, lice
  14. Leakey, lake, la
  15. Ovoid, void, vid
  16. Leather, lather, later
  17. Punkt, punk, pun
  18. Stratus, Strats, stats
  19. Pinochle, pinch, pi
  20. Haute, hate, hat

Dylan Hicks is a writer and musician. His second novel, Amateurs, is out now from Coffee House Press. He contributes a monthly puzzle to the Daily.