Henchman of Chance



Daniel Spoerri has been making “trap pictures” since the late fifties. His procedure is simple: he goes to a flea market or a dump, riffles through heaps of trash or near-trash, recovers whatever discarded objects strike his fancy, and hangs them on the wall. Describing himself as “a henchman of chance,” Spoerri is especially drawn to the detritus that remains unsold at the end of a flea market. His latest set of assemblages, “What Remains,” is on display at Galerie Krinzinger in Vienna through July 23. Spoerri’s portfolio with Emmett Williams, “An Anecdoted Topography of Chance,” appeared in our Winter 1966 issue.

Daniel Spoerri, #23 Flohmarkt Wien, April 2016, 2016, assemblage, 47″ x 34″ x 17″.


#20 Flohmarkt Wien, Samstag 06. February 2016, 2016, assemblage, 59″ x 61″ x 12″.

Was bleibt: BilderBild No 5 Flohmarkt Wien Samstag, 12.Dezember 2015 17h, 2015, assemblage, 45″ x 59″ x 14″.

WAS BLEIBT Flohmarkt Wien, 2015, assemblage, 43″ x 55″ x 18″.

#28 Flohmarkt Wien, Samstag 23.April 2016, 2016, assemblage, 43″ x 59″ x 15.3″.