Thirty Malapropisms: The Answers


Really Difficult Puzzles


Ed. Note: last week’s puzzle contest is officially over—thanks to all who entered. Our winner this time is Jonathan Harkey, who got twenty-five out of thirty malapropisms. He gets a free subscription to the Review and a copy of Dylan’s new novel, AmateursCongratulations, Jonathan! Below, the solutions. 

Malapropian Answers:

  1. Fractal should be dactyl
  2. Hobbesian should be Hobson’s
  3. Charmin should be Harmon
  4. Finial should be filial
  5. Consubstantial should be constabulary
  6. Dobie Gillis should be Wade-Giles
  7. Oscillation should be osculation
  8. Cortisone should be corticene
  9. Valetudinary should be valedictory
  10. Sommelier should be Somali (A typo originally rendered “lapel pin” as “label pin,” so we also accepted “Label should be lapel” from those who responded before the typo was corrected.)
  11. Gumbo should be Gambit
  12. Gibbous should be glabrous
  13. Elated should be alighted
  14. Netscape should be netsuke
  15. Stalagmite should be Stakhanovite
  16. Ignoramus should be igneous
  17. Organ should be orgone
  18. Horticultural should be hortatory
  19. Intransitive should be intransigent
  20. Lutefisk should be lutenist
  21. Cloaca should be cloque (or cloqué)
  22. Vibraculum should be viaticum
  23. Grenadine should be Grenadier
  24. Purveyor should be purview
  25. Fallibility should be Volatility
  26. Laminal should be liminal
  27. Serbia should be Cerberus
  28. Metronomic should be matroynymic (or metronymic)
  29. Linemen should be lineaments
  30. Quadrupeds should be quadriceps

Dylan Hicks is a writer and musician. His second novel, Amateurs, is out now from Coffee House Press. He contributes a monthly puzzle to the Daily.