Miao Xiaochun, Triumph of Death, 2015, acrylic on linen, 13′ x 13′.

Miao Xiaochun’s new exhibition, “Echo,” is at Galerie Paris-Beijing from May 12 through June 18. A Chinese digital artist, Xiaochun specializes in what he’s called “algorithmic painting,” recasting work from a religious European tradition—famous canvases from the likes of Bosch or Brueghel—as vibrant, science-fictional virtual worlds. These dreamscapes are “populated,” as the gallery puts it, “by strange cybernetic beings, with no clothes, character, or expression.” See more of his work on Art Radar.

Ice Man, 2011, pigment print on canvas, 39.37″ x 59″.

Restart (stills), 2008–2010, 3-D computer installation, 14’22”.

Samsara still

Samsara (still), 2015, 3-D animation installation, 10’13”.

The Raft, 2011, pigment print on canvas, 39.37″ x 59″.