Waiting in the Sky



Barbara Takenaga’s exhibition “Waiting in the Sky” opens tomorrow at DC Moore Gallery. “They still seem to naturally gravitate,” she said in 2013 of her paintings, “or maybe anti-gravitate, to some kind of explosive/implosive situation. I still love the idea itself of the Big Bang … I feel like I am on this really giant ocean liner and I’ve got this little tiny steering wheel, and I’m turning and turning and turning it, and I’m trying to make a different course for the ship, turning and turning the wheel, and nothing happens. Finally, the thing—me, my attitude, the history of the work, the paintings themselves—because its mass is so big, it starts moving, ever so slowly shifting.”

Barbara Takenaga, Amber, 2015, acrylic on wood panel, 10″ x 12″.

Arc/Arch, 2015, acrylic on linen, 54″ x 45″.

27th Street Tracings, 2015, acrylic on linen, 70″ x 60″.

Folds (diptych), 2015, acrylic on linen, 42″ x 72″.

Red Geode, 2015, acrylic on wood panel, 24″ x 20″.

Red June, 2014, acrylic on linen, 16″ x 20″.

Small Springs, 2015, acrylic on wood panel, 12″ x 10″.

Incognito, 2015, acrylic on wood panel, 16″ x 12″.