Thirty Word Puzzles: The Answers


Really Difficult Puzzles

Bernhard Sprute, Painting Bienenbild, 2010.

Ed. note: Last week, we featured Dylan’s latest puzzle: thirty punning, word-bending, assonant, homophonic, homonymic riddlesThe contest has ended—thanks to all who entered! Turns out no one was able to get all thirty answers, so we’ve chosen one winner: Cindy Dapogny, who had the most correct responses. Congratulations to Cindy! 

  1. Quantitative freezing
  2. Infinite West
  3. Jeberwocky
  4. You have nothing to lose but your stains[i]
  5. Cafe Waugh
  6. In chino veritas
  7. Hotter, hotter, every where
  8. I would prefer t.A.T.u.
  9. The lady’s not for churning
  10. Gym neighbors
  11. No second Troy
  12. Pyramus and Frisbee
  13. Abe pagoda
  14. Pomes, Chiefly Spherical
  15. Flying POTUS
  16. Because I could not stop for Seth
  17. La comma matrimonial
  18. Between the World and Meatloaf
  19. She Donne Him Wrong
  20. Strand Guignol
  21. Brod City
  22. Mister Safdie
  23. Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackberry
  24. Paxil’s castle
  25. The lieder of the pack
  26. Citizen Keane
  27. My aim is Trujillo
  28. Categorical chimperative
  29. Kylo Minogue
  30. Ruffalo Wings

[i] Because the line from The Communist Manifesto has been variously popularized and modified, several pronouns are acceptable here.

Dylan Hicks is a writer and musician. His second novel, Amateurs, comes out in May.