Sixty Hink Pinks: The Answers


Really Difficult Puzzles

“Fat Cat” is the standard example of a hink pink. Art: Louis Wain, 1880.

Hink pink is a word game in which synonyms, circumlocution, and micronarratives provide clues for rhyming phrases. Check out Dylan Hicks’s sixty hink pink riddles here.

Ed. note: The contest has ended. Thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to our three clever winners: Connie McClung, from Atlanta, Georgia; and Maxine Anderson and Seth Christenfeld, both from New York, New York.  

  1. Ad-Rock’s padlock
  2. Cogito mojito
  3. Smelly Shelley
  4. Kant’s haunt
  5. Tango’s fine art, Django Reinhardt
  6. Titration citation
  7. Doris Lessing’s chorus blessing
  8. Courbet’s sorbet
  9. Groggy (or foggy) Augie
  10. Most Euclidian post meridian
  11. Little Tramp’s Fiddle Camp
  12. Shirty Bertie
  13. Boxcar Willie’s socks are frilly!
  14. Number coot’s bumbershoot
  15. Thinner Skinner
  16. Ho Chi Minh’s trophy bin
  17. Schlepp earth, Hepworth!
  18. Cain’s grain
  19. Taylor Swift’s paler shifts
  20. Rabbit’s habit
  21. Trump’s slump
  22. Bella booty, Fela Kuti
  23. Ibsen’s Gibson
  24. Xi’s plea
  25. WikiLeaker’s icky sneakers
  26. Neo Leo
  27. Churchill’s birch bill
  28. Piggy ciggies
  29. Yo Yo Ma’s dough faux pas
  30. Lyin’ scion
  31. Mais oui, Jay Z!
  32. Terry Eagleton’s merry beagle run
  33. Stevie Nicks’s c.v. tricks
  34. Killer’s Pillars
  35. Bonaparte phones a tart
  36. Joe Turner sleuths Sojourner Truth
  37. Loose draper’s newspaper
  38. Jimi’s Shimmy
  39. Dreyfus’s typhus
  40. Colson’s Molson
  41. Rube’s lube
  42. Franz Kline’s Fonz line
  43. Otis cheater’s lotus-eater
  44. Simple wimple
  45. Silver Jew pilfers brew
  46. High art pie chart
  47. Kurt’s yurt
  48. Lionel Barrymore’s final dairy chore
  49. Gipper’s kippers
  50. Handmaid’s Band-Aid
  51. Reggie’s veggies
  52. Beggin’ Sagan
  53. Gladwell’s bad smell
  54. Heathcliff’s Keith riff
  55. Taft’s raft
  56. Hegel’s bagel
  57. Capone, alone
  58. Kotter II’s Waterloo
  59. Newt ’n’ granny’s hootenanny
  60. Butler’s sutler
Dylan Hicks is a writer and musician. His second novel, Amateurs, comes out in May.