Russian Book Jackets from the 1930s



E. Kuznetsov, Circus, 1931.

These Russian book jackets from the thirties are among the many riches on offer in the New York Public Library’s newly enhanced digital collections. Below are some favorites; you can see the whole collection here

Unknown author and title.

Boris Efimov, Nazism – an Enemy of Peoples, 1937.

Nikolai Ernestovich Radlov, Imaginary Portraits, 1933.

Kornei Ivanovich Chukovskii, Fairy Tales, 1935.

Aleksandr Belyayev, Jump Into Nowhere, 1932.

V. Vasilev, N. Menshikov, and M. Kiriushina, Two Years in the Tundra, 1935.

Unknown author and title.

Unknown author, How Brother Rabbit Defeated the Lion, 1935.

Petr Mikhailovich Ershov, The Little Humpback Horse, 1933.

Unknown author, A Hundred Years of the Aleksandrinskii Theater, 1932.

Boris Efimov, A Solution Will Be Found, 1932.

Leonid Sergeevich Sobolev, Major Repairs, 1933.

Lev Isaevich Slavin, The Intervention, 1933.

T. Boritskii, The Conquest of the Depths, 1934.

Unknown author, White Sea Canal Project, 1933.

Isaak Emanuilovich Babel, Stories, 1932.

Anton Chekhov, Cherry Orchard, 1933–1935.

Nikolai Mikhailovich Tseretelli, A Russian Peasant Toy, 1933.

Olga Forsh, A Mooring Mast, 1930.

Ilia Ehrenburg, My Paris, 1933.