Our Globe-trotting Winners



Last month’s #ReadEverywhere contest was a great success. (If you need a refresher: we asked readers to submit pictures of themselves reading The Paris Review or The London Review of Books around the world.) Now the time has come to announce the winners. Cue the marching band, please, and have the sommeliers ready their champagne sabers …

THIRD PLACE is a tie! Both Ivan Herrera and Anders Gäddlin will receive third-place prizes. Ivan is pictured with The Paris Review (and an erumpent sparkler) at Tennessee Alabama Fireworks. Anders read The London Review of Books in a “modernist twentieth-century utopian suburb”: Råslätt, Jönköping, Sweden. They’ll get a copy of one of our Writers at Work anthologies and an LRB mug.


Ivan Herrera



Anders Gäddlin

SECOND PLACE goes to @arodchenko, who keeps bees on Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal; she and her beekeeping partner “read everywhere, even while checking our hives!” Her prizes: a full-color poster of Helen Frankenthaler’s West Wind, part of TPR’s print series; and two books of entries from the LRB’s famed personals section, They Call Me Naughty Lola and Sexually, I’m More of a Switzerland.



And FIRST PLACE is awarded to David Lasry, who somehow coaxed a pelican in Mahale, Tanzania into attempting to eat The Paris Review’s Summer issue. (Note that the issue matches the bird.) From The Paris Review, David will receive one vintage issue from every decade we’ve been around—that’s seven issues, total—curated by our editor, Lorin Stein. And from The London Review of Books: A copy of Peter Campbell’s Artwork and an LRB cover print.


David Lasry

HONORABLE MENTIONS go to Jim Carey, who read The London Review of Books while floating on the Dead Sea; and Evelyn Day Lasry, who read The Paris Review within eyeshot of an elephant.

dead sea

Jim Carey


Evelyn Day Lasry

Congratulations to our winners, and many thanks to everyone who contributed! You can see a map of all the submissions here.