This Book Is Controversial, and Other News


On the Shelf


  • Labeling it gay propaganda, an official in the Saratov region of Russia has called for the removal of LGBT history book Gays: They Changed the World (pictured above) from bookstore shelves.
  • “When you meet somebody who bores you, you have to put up with him until he leaves. But when you meet a boring character, you turn the page.” In memory of Elmore Leonard, Esquire runs the “What I’ve Learned” feature the author did in 2005.
  • Meanwhile, the New York Times gives us a compendium of the vast number of adaptations spawned by Leonard’s work.
  • Rob Sheffield, author of karaoke memoir Turn Around Bright Eyes, suggests appropriate song choices for Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, and others.
  • Bookshelfies—in which people take self-portraits in front of their bookshelves—is both a word and a thing.