Jumping for Joyce, and Other News


On the Shelf

Gerald Mynott, "Towards the New World, Dublin Harbour" via Francis Kyle Gallery

Gerald Mynott, “Towards the New World, Dublin Harbour” via Francis Kyle Gallery

  • Sci-fi or fantasy fan? Hie on over to, where the site is celebrating its fifth birthday by giving away a free anthology.
  • A class at the University of Utah will examine the Book of Mormon as literature. The actual book, not the musical.
  • The Francis Kyle Gallery is mounting a show titled “Jumping for Joyce: Contemporary Painters Revel in the World of James Joyce.” We would have gone with “Joyce Division,” but carry on.
  • A new study says journalism students are consuming virtually no print journalism.
  • Meanwhile, Penn Jillette is characteristically defiant about his abandonment of print: “I always read electronic. I won’t touch paper any more even if water damage costs me a few devices.”