Wearable Books, and Other News


On the Shelf


  • Meet The Wizard of Jeanz. It consists of twenty-one volumes, each a chapter of The Wizard of Oz that, when unfolded, turns into an article of clothing. Designer Hiroaki Ohya says he was “disillusioned with the transitory nature of fashion … [and] struck with the permanency of books as objects that can transport ideas.”
  • Yesterday it was book-inspired ice cream; now we have Harry Potter beer. Pilsner of Azkaban, anyone?
  • Speaking of (well, sort of), J. K. Rowling explains how she lit on the pseudonym Robert Galbraith: a combination of Robert F. Kennedy and Ella Galbraith, her childhood alias.
  • On spirants, those consonants which involve a continuous expulsion of breath.
  • The bad house guests in literature.