The Best-Read City in America, and Other News


On the Shelf


  • “The ordinary, mild-mannered bookstore had stripped off its everyday shirt to reveal its superpowers, moving with a slamming shift into warp-speed pleasure.” A paean to vanished bookstores
  • How to (if you must) divest yourself of books
  • Here is a trademark lawsuit involving both space marines and superheroes. Yes, I said space marines. 
  • “The precision and spirit of Austen’s novels derive, in part, from the cherished objects with which she and her heroines were in daily contact—things that might well have been overlooked or spurned by everyone else.”
  • Washington, D. C. earns the title of Most Literate City. The Most Romantic crown, however, goes to Knoxville, Tennessee. (If you define romance as only shopping at, of course.)