Lost Ferraris, and Other News


On the Shelf

  • Have you written a novel’s worth of e-mail this year? Possibly. Another question: Is it any good?
  • Richard Blanco is the lucky poet who will read at the 2013 presidential inauguration!
  • This in turn leads Slate, in Slateish form, to ask, “Can Richard Blanco Write a Great Inaugural Poem? Can Anyone?”
  • Patricia Cornwell is suing a former (emphasis on the former) financial manager: “It is a tale of an alleged betrayal, fraud, of high-rollers, multimillion-dollar homes, a helicopter, a lost Ferrari, a rare book collection, and political donations to Hillary Clinton.”
  • This piece is about how libraries are staying relevant by moving beyond reading, but classes like hog butchering and blacksmithing seem like much more of a throwback to the days when you picked up your books at the general store.