Gatsby, Sexting, and Rand


On the Shelf

  • An original ad for The Great Gatsby, found in a 1925 issue of The Princetonian.
  • “My decade-long enamor with the poets and writers of the Beat Generation was about to pay off. As the only woman who adored Kerouac, I would be the vixen of the literary matchmaking board.” At the Millions, Stephanie Nikolopoulos on the Jack Kerouac gender divide.
  • In which Ayn Rand explains Objectivism on the Johnny Carson show. “I think you’ll find her most unusual,” says he.
  • Poet Ron Silliman lost his library in a flood; help him reassemble it.
  • O tempora: new inductions into Merriam-Webster include f bomb, man cave, and sexting. A full list here.
  • On the other hand, the more things change, et cetera. This 1950 Library Journal asks if new media is rendering reading obsolete.
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