Horsemaning, Mars, and a Tiny Book


On the Shelf

  • Descendants of Charles Dickens and J.R.R. Tolkien team up on a series of audio fantasy books aimed at young readers. The books, by (J.R.R.’s grandson) Michael Tolkien, will be recorded by Dickens’s great-great grandson, Gerald.
  • A miniature book of fairy tales created for Queen Mary’s dollhouse in 1922 will be reproduced, human-scale.
  • Help a D.C. school fill its library.
  • Tracy K. Smith, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, discusses her book Life on Mars.
  • Typeface obsessive? These temporary tattoos are for you.
  • Brontë sisters action figures. (Via NYDN)
  • The Enid Blyton diet.
  • If you google about the author, Thomas Friedman’s bio appears. Here’s why.
  • Planking is so last year. Meet the revival of horsemaning.