MacArthur Fellow Donald Antrim is one of America’s most important contemporary fiction writers, praised and admired by contemporaries including Richard Ford, George Saunders, and Jonathan Franzen. His new story collection, The Emerald Light in the Air, consists of stories published in the New Yorker over the last fifteen years: stories of artists, writers, lawyers, teachers, and actors, hungry for life and yearning to love and be loved, who make fools of themselves, spiral out of control, have delusions of grandeur, despair, and find it hard to imagine a future. Antrim talks about his new collection and his body of work with Lorin Stein, editor of The Paris Review, who writes “In the last few years one of my favorite novelists, Donald Antrim, has devoted himself to short stories—not as finger exercises, but with a combined intensity, delicacy, and feeling for tradition that set him apart from any writer of his generation.”

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