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Robie Macauley, Silence, Exile, and Cunning

Archibald MacLeish, The Paris Review Sketchbook

Archibald MacLeish, The Selected Letters of Archibald MacLeish

Norman Mailer, In Memoriam: Two Letters From Frank Crowther

John Marquand, In Memoriam -- Sue Coward Marquand

Caroline Marshall, Remembrance

Harry Mathews, Oulipo Sampler

Perverb The word perverb was invented by Paris Review editor Maxine Groffsky to describe the result obtained by crossing proverbs. If we join the first part of “All roads lead to Rome” to the ...

Peter Matthiessen, William Styron

André Maurois, A Note on Jorge Luis Borges

Mary McCarthy, Edmund Wilson

Mary McCarthy, Role-Modeling

Jerome Mellquist, A Blurred Retrospective

Certain sentries of respectability still cannot accept Cubism. The Musée de l’Art Moderne has scoured the continents for the 231 items in its vast Cubist retrospective (1907-1914); it has assembled ...

W. S. Merwin, Flight Home

W. S. Merwin, The Wake of the Blackfish: A Memoir of George Kirstein

Michael Meyer, A Long Game of Scrabble: A Memoir of Graham Greene

Henry Miller, A Letter on Celine

Henry Miller, An Exchange of Letters

Czeslaw Milosz, Beginning with My Streets

Stephen Mitchell, from a new translation of the work of Rainer Maria Rilke

Eugenio Montale, A Visit To Braque

John Mulligan, Vincent Van Gogh -- The Big Picture

Natalia Danesi Murray, Janet Flanner: Letters to a Friend

Cynthia Ozick, A Rebuttal