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Jonathan Aaron, Anxious Dreams

Jonathan Aaron, Two Poems

Susan Abraham, Two Poems

Sam Abrams, How To Cut a Throat

Sam Abrams, The Laws

Vito Hannibal Acconci, Two Poems

Diane Ackerman, Still Life

Diane Ackerman, Two Poems

Rick Adang, Letter from Kitty Dukakis

Kim Addonizio, Pantoum: At Mount Hebron

Ai, Two Poems

A man once rode away on a yellow crane,
leaving only this empty pavilion.

Ai, Two Poems

Alan Ainsworth, Elizabeth Bishop's Novel

Stephen Ajay, Avalanche

Anna Akhmatova, Lot's Wife

Anna Akhmatova, Secrets of the Trade

Ibn Darraj al-Quastalli, The Lily

Sandra Alcosser, Two Poems

Vincente Aleixandre, An Essay and Six Poems

Laurence Alexander, Three Poems

Birds of Riverside Park

As thrushes start together all at once.
Abrupt and charming when they sense the dusk
That was long coming now has come, we lie

Elizabeth Alexander, Two Poems

It wasn’t as deep as I expected,
your grave, next to the grandmother who died

Agha Shahid Ali, A Ghazal for Michael Palmer

Agha Shahid Ali, A History of Paisley

Agha Shahid Ali, A Nostalgist's Map of America

Agha Shalid Ali, After the August Wedding in Lahore, Pakistan

Dante Alighieri, Inferno: Canto XXVIII

Dick Allen, Variation on a Theme by Ernest Hemingway

John Allman, The Color of Neville Brand's Front Teeth

A. Alvarez, The Bad Dream and the Photograph

Even in sleep your shadow watches, me 
Your whisper rustles through the sleeping room 
As though you moved in silks. Why keep on trying? 

Georgia Alwan, Children/Evolution

Ameen Alwan, Two Poems

Yehuda Amichai, Four Poems

Yehuda Amichai, Six Poems

A. R. Ammons, Everything

A. R. Ammons, Picking Up Equations

A. R. Ammons et al., Pomework: An Exercise in Occasional Poetry

A. R. Ammons, Strip

A. R. Ammons, Three Poems

Hugh Kenner and James Laughlin, Mixpoem: A Feature

Olga Marx and Renata Scheliha, Passages from the Odes of Pindar

Paul Anderson, Falling

Jack Anderson, Four Poems

Nathalie Anderson, Four Poems

Jack Anderson, Three Poems

Claes Andersson, Two Poems

Bruce Andrews, from Confidence Trick

Tom Andrews, Cinema Verite

Bruce Andrews, Could Darwin Instruct Those Turtles?

Bruce Andrews, Getting a Job

B. A. St. Andrews, On Witnessing Open-Heart Surgery

Bruce Andrews, Poem Full Text


Bananas are an example.

Nin Andrews, Poets on Poets

Nin Andrews, Red Blossoms

Nin Andrews, The Artichoke

Nin Andrews, The Book of Lies

B. A. St. Andrews, Topography: The Brain Scan

Nin Andrews, Two Poems

David Antin, West

Guillaume Apollinaire, Mirabeau Bridge

Philip Appleman, A Priest Forever

Philip Appleman, Leaving Things Unfinished

Cathy Arden, The Missionary

Arkawa, Untitled

Simon Armitage, Four Poems

Elizabeth Arnold, Effacement

Craig Arnold, Seven Poems

Craig Arnold, Two Poems

Sparrow who drags a footlong crust of bread behind him
Sparrow whose head is pecked bald from so many quarrels

Hans Arp, The Swallow's Testicle

Sarah Arvio, A Leaf

Sarah Arvio, Hats

Sarah Arvio, Hello Goodbye

Sarah Arvio, Murder

Sarah Arvio, Visits from the Seventh

John Ash, Four Poems

John Ash, Scenes From Schumann

John Ash, The Monuments

John Ash, Three Poems

John Ash, Two Poems

John Ashbery, . . . by an Earthquake Full Text

A hears by chance a familiar name, and the name solves a 
      riddle of the past. 

John Ashbery, from Flow Chart Full Text

The madhouse statuary seemed to dispel the pre-life 
      we gave it.

John Ashbery, Four Poems

For all I know I was meant to be one of those marchers
into a microtonal near-future whose pile has worn away—

John Ashbery, Obsidian House Full Text

as was proven 
when they entered the house 

John Ashbery, Six Poems

Better homes and gardens for many
but for the rest, we are not so sure.

John Ashbery, The New Spirit

John Ashbery, Two Poems Full Text

You are my most favorite artist. Though I know 
very little about your work. Some of your followers I know: 

John Ashbery, Two Poems Full Text

Then I reached the field and I thought 
this is not a joke not a book 

John Ashbery, Two Poems Full Text

My sister and I don’t seem to get along too well anymore. 
She always has to have everything new in her house. Cherished ideals 

John Ashbery, Two Poems Full Text

The deep water in the travel poster finds me
In the change as I was about to back away

John Ashbery, Two Poems Full Text

The immense hope, and forbearance
Trailing out of night, to sidewalks of the day

John Ashbery, Two Poems Full Text

Impatient as we were for all of them to join us,
The land had not yet risen into view: gulls had swept the gray steel towers away

Jennifer Ashton, Two Poems

Susan Astor, Two Poems

Margaret Atwood, Frogless Full Text

The sore trees cast their leaves
too early. Each twig pinching

Amittai F. Aviram, Two Poems

Neil Azevedo, Four Poems

Neil Azevedo, Three Poems

Paulé Bártón, Three Poems

Ingeborg Bachmann, Ten Poems

Ingeborg Bachmann, Two Poems

Massimo Bacigalupo, Night Flight

Ansie Baird, Genealogy

Ansie Baird, Three Poems

Ansie Baird, Two Poems

David Baker, Forced Bloom

David Baker, Four Poems

my neighbors 
say, when what they mean 

David Baker, Melancholy Man

David Baker, Two Poems

Christopher Bakken, Coleridge in Valletta

Christopher Bakken, Three Poems

Christopher Bakken, Three Poems

Tom McKinley Ball, News from the Interior

Jesse Ball, Six Poems

And when you are finally caught and questioned, it is discovered, sadly, that you know nothing of use. Your captors exchange glances, nod. You are released in the freedom of some afternoon,

Mary Jo Bang, Allegory Full Text

Let us console you. 
Music’s the answer. 

Mary Jo Bang, Five Poems

Had she not lain on that bed with a boy
All those years ago, where would they be, she wondered.

Mary Jo Bang, Four Poems

Mary Jo Bang, Three Poems

Mary Jo Bang, Two Poems

Mary Jo Bang, Two Poems

“The quick brown fox jumps
Over the lazy dog”: it was a little bedtime story

Stanislaw Baranczak, Two Poems

Joan Baranow, Grand Canyon

David Barber, Durer's Rhinoceros

George Barker, Epithalamium

Mary Barnard, Song for the Northern Quarter

Richard Barnes, La Vie Littéraire en Province

Julian Barnes, Maria Kodama

Dick Barnes, On a Photograph Given Me by My Grandmother

Willis Barnstone, Two Poems

Rick Barot, Passagework

Rick Barot, Phantasmal Cities

Tina Barr, Twelve Dancing Princesses

Jack Barrack, Two Poems

Susan Bartels, All My Orifices Are Too Small

Rick Bass, Gold Hill, The Yaak, June 1998

We hiked up a canyon in the cold summer rain.
It was late in the day and on the mountain
across the canyon there was a section of

Claire Bateman, Ectoplasm

Claire Bateman, Two Poems

Charles Baudelaire, Five Poems

I am like the king of a rainy kingdom,
rich but weak, young yet very old, 

Charles Baudelaire, Nineteen Poems (Richard Howard, trans.)

Judith Baumel, Fibonacci

Judith Baumel, Proper Distance and Proper Time

Judith Baumel, Two Poems

Bruce Bawer, ASPCA

Bruce Bawer, Sixty-fifth Street Poems

Charles Baxter, Four Poems

Daniel J. Beachy-Quick, Two Poems

Bruce Beasley, Eve, Learning to Speak

Katherine Beasley, The Plea Bargain

Uli Becker, The God-like Flash

Priscilla Becker, Three Poems

Priscilla Becker, Three Poems

Priscilla Becker, Two Poems

Georgi Belev, The Forest Comes Down at Night

Marvin Bell, Felt But Not Touched -- Seattle

Jason Bell, The Invisible Child

Joe David Bellamy, 17-Year Cicadas

Joe David Bellamy, A Talking Dog Is No Circus

Nathaniel Bellows, Three Poems

Sharona Ben-Tov, Carillon for Cambridge Women

S. Ben-Tov, Clouds Over Jerusalem, in Winter

S. Ben-Tov, Pauses in Indian Flute Music

S. Ben-Tov, The Foucault Pendulum at Hanover

Molly Bendall, Spring Sale at Bendel's

Molly Bendall, Stunted Gardens

Molly Bendall, The Book of Sharp Silhouettes

Molly Bendall, Two Poems

At the Crux

     Grieving takes its lyric turns,
            sometimes en pointe.

Michael Benedikt, Of Granny Smith's Apples

Michael Benedikt, Orders From Beyond

Michael Benedikt, Professor Albert Einstein

Michael Benedikt, Right in the Middle of Everything

Michael Benedikt, St. Rafael's Lament

Michael Benedikt, The Badminton at Great Barrington

Michael Benedikt, The Chest of Energy

Michael Benedikt, The Criminal Animal

Michael Benedikt, The Way Things Settle

Michael Benedikt, Two Poems

Christopher Benfey, Expecting

Christopher Benfey, Two Poems

Christopher Benfey, Two Poems

Robert Bensen, Blue Room

Robert Bensen, Caprice

Robert Bensen, The Truth about Everything

Steve Benson, Two Poems

B. Singer Bentley, Honesty

William Benton, Two Poems

William Benton, Two Poems

Stephen Berg, A Natural Death

Stephen Berg, The Dead's Locale

Shelley A. Berger, Archaeology of a Photo. 1939. Baranowicz. The Ghost

David Bergman, A Hard Rain in Hartford

David Bergman, Three Poems

David Bergman, Two Poems

David Bergman, Two Poems

Judith Berke, Playground

Judith Berke, Two Poems

Bill Berkson, Three Poems

Bill Berkson, Two Poems

Bill Berkson, Two Poems

Spring Melody Berman, Two Poems

April Bernard, Boyaca is the land of liberty

April Bernard, The Way We Live Now

April Bernard, Two Poems

Artis Bernard, Water

Alan Bernheimer, Two Poems

Charles Bernstein, Four Poems

Ted Berrigan, from The Sonnets

Ted Berrigan, Things To Do In Providence

Ted Berrigan, Three Poems

Ted Berrigan, Three Sonnets

Ted Berrigan, Two Poems

Ted Berrigan, Two Poems

Michael Berryhill, Three Poems

James Bertolino, Around the Blue Spruce

James Bertolino, Mom and Sally

Attilio Bertolucci, Three Poems

Muin Beseisu, Three Poems

Carin Besser, Two Poems

Jill Bialosky, The Boy Beheld His Mother's Past

Mark Bibbins, Four Poems

Mark Bibbins, Horoscopes without Telescopes Full Text

It could feel good to stare at numbers 
all day, another job but I can’t name any; 

Mark Bibbins, Six Poems

Frank Bidart, Confessional

Frank Bidart, The Return

Frank Bidart, The War of Vaslav Nijinsky

Frank Bidart, Three Poems

Elizabeth Bishop, Notebooks

Bill Bissett, Poem

Star Black, Cuisine

Star Black, Twilit Full Text

Moving away from rattled towns,
gaining, as a bird in a dishwasher,

Sophie Cabot Black, Two Poems

Julien Blaine, Three Poems

Diann Blakely, The Dolls

Robin Blaser, The Faerie Queene

Randy Blasing, Hymn to the Sun

Randy Blasing, Some Legs

Sally W. Bliumis, In the Women's Locker Room

Over the tops of the lockers,
I hear a woman

Maureen Bloomfield, Two Poems

Maureen Bloomfield, Two Poems

Lavina Blossom, After the Harlequin

Laurel Blossom, Baboon Liver Transplant Poem

Lavinia Blossom, Mr. Berg Waves to the Sky

Laurel Blossom, Plea to a Potential Lover

Etta Blum, For Copland's Vitebsk

Michael Blumenthal, Falling Asleep at the Erotic Mozi

Robert Bly, Choral Stanza

For peace and peace and peace the prayers ascend

From tongues in darkness sung to tongues in light

In death

Robert Bly, Five American Poems

Robert Bly, Five Prose Poems

Robert Bly, Meditation on Olai and Pete Bly

Robert Bly, The Fire of Despair Has Been Our Saviour

Today, autumn.
Heaven’s roots are still.
O holy trees, rejoicing ruin of leaves,

Robert Bly, The Man Whom the Sea Kept Awake

I’ve heard the sea upon the troubled rocks
Waste this past night, with dreams more troubled still,
And where the images that you and I

Robert Bly, The Sorb Is The Tree of Thor

Robert Bly, Two Choral Stanzas

The dove returns; it found no resting place;
It was in flight all night above the shaken seas;

Robert Bly, Two Poems

Robert Bly, Two Poems

Robert Bly, Two Poems

Robert Bly, Two Poems

It’s a good idea to figure what to do with parents. 
One man I knew, after caring for them for years, 

Robert Bly, What We Have Inherited From the Intellectual Leadership of New England

Murray Bodo, After the Earthquakes

Murray Bodo, St. Francis and the Damietta Prostitute

Don Bogen, A Postcard from St. Petersburg

Don Bogen, Among Appliances

Don Bogen, Thoroughbreds

Don Bogen, Two Poems

Don Bogen, Two Poems

George Bogin, Calamine Lotion

George Bogin, The Haircut

Phil Boiarski, Blood Soup

Phil Boiarski, Dziadek

Phil Boiarski, The Hilarious Beating

Eavan Boland, Instructions

Eavan Boland, Making Money

Eavan Boland, Two Poems

Thomas Bolt, 1971 Pontiac LeMans

Thomas Bolt, Two Poems

Bruce Bond, Oval

Bruce Bond, Pomegranate

Bruce Bond, Three Poems

Bruce Bond, Two Poems

Bruce Bond, Two Poems

Yves Bonnefoy, The Clouds

Yves Bonnefoy, The Lure of the Threshold

Yves Bonnefoy, Two Poems

Betsy Bonner, Three Poems

Philip Booth, Elegy For a Diver

Philip Booth, Night Notes on an Old Dream

Philip Booth, Seadog and Seal

Philip Booth, The Husband as Hero

Shannon Borg, At Sea

Shannon Borg, Reclining Woman with Green Stockings

Shannon Borg, Two Poems

On her dress she wears her body. —Blaise Cendras 

Shannon Borg, Walking London with Charlotte Mew

Jorge Luis Borges, Five Poems

Michael Borich, The Girl

Marianne Boruch, Honest-to-God Color, God Said, for Artists Full Text

Honest-to-god color, god said, for artists. 
But first, graveyards, to grind the human femur 

David Bottoms, Andalusia Visit

David Bottoms, Hard Easter, Northwest Montana

David Bottoms, Last Nickel Ranch: Plains, Montana

David Bottoms, The Tent Astronomer

David Bottoms, Three Poems

David Bottoms, Two Poems

Joseph Bottone, Sky Light

Edgar Bowers, A Variation on “O never say that I was false at heart”

The night has made the apple tree a scent,
A motion in my ear, as if delight
Ever so softly trembled in decline.

Edgar Bowers, Adam's Song to Heaven

   O depth sufficient to desire, 
Ghostly abyss wherein perfection hides, 
   Purest effect and cause, you are 

Patrick Bowles, The Visitors

Patrick Bowles, Two Sonnets

Catherine Bowman, Two Poems

Catherine Bowman, Two Poems

Arthur Boyars, Initial

Passing out of a great city 
A flower in confusion, 
I, the speaker, and you, the listener;

Arthur Boyars, Poem

Arthur Boyars, Second Canto

Jay Boyer, Unnatural Acts and Menagerie

Peg Boyers, At the Guggenheim Museum, Venice

I am straddling Marini’s horse
using the horseman’s cock as my handle

Gabriel Boyers, Like Children

Peg Boyers, Open Letter to Alberto Moravia

Peg Boyers, Two Poems

Francis Boylan, The Tramp (in memoriam Robert Colquhoun)

Mark Boyle, Three Poems

George Bradley, A Few of Her Secrets

George Bradley, Advisory Full Text

September’s lovely in New York, the sky 
Returned to baby blue, the breeze now mild 

George Bradley, August in the Apple Orchard

George Bradley, Caskets in the Fayoum

George Bradley, In Bed with a River

George Bradley, Nabu-Kudurri-Usur and the Word

George Bradley, Opus

George Bradley, The 4th of July, and

George Bradley, The Future of the Past

George Bradley, Two Poems

George Bradley, Two Poems

George Bradley, Two Poems

George Bradley, Two Poems

George Bradley, Two Poems

Larry Bradley, V

Joe Brainard, The Outer Banks

Richard Brautigan, The San Francisco Weather Report

Kate Ellen Braverman, Three Poems

Laurence Breiner, Sonettina: At the Murano Glassworks

David Breskin, Broken Country Scramble

David Breskin, Two Poems

AndrÈ Breton, The Verb To Be

Breyten Breytenbach, Two Poems

Robert Bringhurst, Sunday Morning

Donald Britton, Two Poems

Edwin Brock, A Formula for Success

Edwin Brock, Prototypes

Geoffrey Brock, Telephone

Lucie Brock-Broido, And Wylde for to Hold

Lucie Brock-Broido, How Can It Be I Am No Longer I

Lucie Brock-Broido, Periodic Table of Ethereal Elements

Lucie Brock-Broido, Two Poems

Jim Brodey, Go to Sleep

Jim Brodey, Sky a la Mode

Jim Brodey, Two Poems

Harold Brodkey, Jewlove

I’ll compare Jew-love to Roman light,
stone palazzi in travellers’ perspectives

Harold Brodkey, On First Being Published

Harold Brodkey, To Frank O’Hara

The real is a wilderness
that ambitions calls a garden.

Joseph Brodsky, Gorbunov and Gorchakov

Joseph Brodsky, Lagoon

Joseph Brodsky, The Hawk's Cry in Autumn to Urania

Patricia Brody, Dangerous to Know, Even After Death

Steve Bronson, Two Poems

Steve Brooks, The Breakfast Show

Joel Brouwer, The Fork

Joel Brouwer, Two Poems

Joel Brouwer, Two Poems

George Mackay Brown, Harald, etc.

George Mackay Brown, The Sailor, The Old Woman and The Girl

George Mackay Brown, Two Poems

Douglas Browne, Two Poems

Alan Brownjohn, A Difficulty

Michael Brownstein, Big City

Michael Brownstein, Florence Was Fine in the Summertime

Michael Brownstein, Life

Michael Brownstein, United at First

Joseph Bruchac, Three Poems

Sharon Bryan, Ghazal: The Nightingale

Carl Buchanan, Six Victims

Alexandra Budny, Two Poems

Aaron Bulman, The Revision

Jessica Grant Bundschuh, The Bees' Passage

Basil Bunting, Two Poems

Michael Burkard, A Series of Judgments

Michael Burkard, Before the Dark

Michael Burkard, But Beautiful

Derick Burleson, Two Poems

Michael Burns, Joy's Grape

Michael Burns, Two Poems

Michael Burns, Two Poems

Michael Burns, Two Poems

John Burnside, Six Poems

E. G. Burrows, Icon

Christopher Bursk, Two Poems

John Burt, Four Sapphics

Stephen Burt, Morningside Park

John Burt, Three Poems

William Burtis, Acapulco Rubric

Elena Karina Byrne, Sanctuary of Hunger

Elena Karina Byrne, Two Poems

Scott Cairns, Interval with Erato

Scott Cairns, Necropolitan

Scott Cairns, Three Poems

Scott Cairns, Three Poems

Scott Cairns, Two Poems

Scott Cairns, Two Poems

Scott Cairns, Two Poems

Yes. I have seen the end, and yes,
I was disturbed by what I saw.

Cathleen Calbert, In Praise of My Young Husband

Cathleen Calbert, Two Poems

Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Circus Fire, 1944

James Camp, Two Poems

Dino Campana, The Night

Mary Campbell, Two Poems

Stephen A. Canada, Three Poems

Stephen A. Canada, Two Poems

Stephen A. Canada, Two Poems

John Canaday, A True Story

Kevin Cantwell, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer

Kevin Cantwell, The Wooden Trap

Kevin Cantwell, Two Poems

Loren Paul Caplin, Charlie's Eye

Steve Carey, Hollywood, Spring, 1942

Olga Carlisle, A Portfolio of Russian Poetry

Peter Carnahan, Getting Somewhere, Benching In, Suburban Station, Philadelphia

Robert Carnevale, Exemplary

Matthew Carney, Worth

Gordon Carrega, Uncle

Jim Carroll, from NYC Variations Full Text

I have walked these streets so often I could
forge the shadows of skyscrapers as they fall

Paul Carroll, De Medici Slot Machine

Paul Carroll, In an Ozark Flight over Iowa

Paul Carroll, Mother

Jim Carroll, Poem

Jim Carroll, Prell

Paul Carroll, The Wicked and Unfaithful Song of Marcel Duchamp to His Queen

Jim Carroll, Traffic

Jim Carroll, Two Poems

Hayden Carruth, "The World as Will and Representation"

Hayden Carruth, Clearing

Hayden Carruth, Two Poems

Anne Carson, The Day Antonioni Came to the Asylum

Anne Carson, Three Poems

Anne Carson, TV Men: Antigone (Scripts 1 and 2)

Anne Babson Carter, A Morning View of Bluehill Village

Anne Babson Carter, Three Blocks from San Marco

Raymond Carver, Two Poems

Florence Cassen, from Position Papers

John Casteen, Nocturne: Redaction Full Text

Tonight I hear machines at their dark work in the dark, I understand 
the sound they make among the gaps between the trees 

Bartolo Cattafi, Two Poems

Constantine P. Cavafy, Four Poems

Paul Celan, Conversations in the Mountains

Paul Celan, Two Poems

Blaise Cendrars, Eleven Poems

Blaise Cendrars, Panama, or the Adventures of My Seven Uncles

Joseph Ceravolo, Ho Ho Ho Caribou

Joseph Ceravolo, Stars of the Trees and Ponds

G. S. Sharat Chandra, Rape of Lucrece Retold

G. S. Sharat Chandra, Two Poems

Victoria Chang, How Much

Fred Chappell, Tiros II

Maxine Chernoff, Two Poems

Maxine Chernoff, Two Poems

Maxine Chernoff, Two Poems

Dan Chiasson, Dream of the End of Reading

First my books grew stiff
brass clasps like the books monks read.

A hush enshrouded them. They were

Dan Chiasson, Five Poems

Here Follows an Account of the Nature of Fish.
Here follows a description of an unknown town.

Dan Chiasson, Sunday, Looking Westward

Dan Chiasson, Where’s the Moon, There’s the Moon (A Story for Children) Full Text

If I look to the opposite shore and greet myself there, 
if I call out to myself come here 

Carmine Chickadel, Tangles

Barney Childs, Ars Poetica

Barney Childs, On the Last Veterans of the Civil War

Perhaps by the time I have written this
the last three or four will also be gone: 
not many people will mark a few less

Marilyn Chin, Lantau

Marilyn Chin, The True Story of Mortar and Pestle

Nicholas Christopher,

Nicholas Christopher, Four Poems

Nicholas Christopher, The Orphanage

Nicholas Christopher, Two Poems

Nicholas Christopher, Two Poems

Amy Clampitt, Dorothy and William at Rydal Mount

Amy Clampitt, Grasmere

Amy Clampitt, Two Poems

Tom Clark, A Sailor's Life

Tom Clark, At Malibu

Tom Clark, Bugs Ate This Lake Clean

Thomas Clark, Four Poems

Thomas Clark, The Greece Poem

Tom Clark, Three Poems

Tom Clark, Three Poems

Tom Clark, Two Poems

Tom Clark, Two Poems

Thomas Clark, You (I-V)

Kevin Jeffery Clarke, Walking Papers

Killarney Clary, Five Poems

Killarney Clary, Two Poems

Cassandra Cleghorn, Three Poems

Cassandra Cleghorn, Three Poems

Laurie Clements, The Shaking

Lucille Clifton, Lorena

Lucille Clifton, shadows

William Leo Coakley, The Marriage of Dionysus and Apollo

Vic Coccimiglio, Conception

Vic Coccimiglio, Moon Child

Scott Coffel, Andrei and Natasha

Marc Cohen, Blue Lonely Dreams ,Violets in Mapland

Scott Cohen, Loneliness

Scott Cohen, Two Poems

James Cole, A Glimpse from the Classroom

Henri Cole, At the Grave of Elizabeth Bishop

Henri Cole, Four Poems

Henri Cole, Three Poems

Henri Cole, Two Poems

Henri Cole, Two Poems

Henri Cole, Two Poems

William Coleman, Four Poems

Katharine Coles, Natural Disasters

Katharine Coles, Pantoum in which Time Equals Space

Katharine Coles, Rocca Maggiore

Katharine Coles, Three Poems

Billy Collins, Freud

Billy Collins, Going Out for Cigarettes

Billy Collins, Instructions to the Artist

Billy Collins, On Turning Ten

Billy Collins, One Self

Martha Collins, Pinks

Billy Collins, Returning the Pencil to Its Tray

Billy Collins, Sartre

Billy Collins, The Butterfly Effect

Billy Collins, Three Poems

Billy Collins, Two Poems

Billy Collins, Two Poems

Billy Collins, Two Poems

Suddenly, you were planting some yellow petunias
outside in the garden,

Martha Collins, Two Poems

Jack Collom, 11-23-69

Jack Collom, Going Downtown to Buy Some Pills

Jack Collom, Two Poems

Nancy Condee, Four Poems

Susan Conley, House of Nan King

Out after dark in what was left of the Combat Zone
we ate raw sushi next to Big Mo's Live Sex,

Carol Conroy, The Jewish Furrier Explains the Search for Beauty

Constantine Contogenis, Ikaros

Mark Conway, Two Poems

Peter Cooley, A Café on Magazine Street, New Orleans, September

Clark Coolidge, Bee Elk

                                                                                                                arch  film  duds
                                                                                                                “Cheever”  can aiming laps 
                                                                                                                dorm  sieve

Clark Coolidge, Five Poems

Clark Coolidge, Latter

Clark Coolidge, Poems

Jane Cooper, House Poem

Jane Cooper, Seventeen Questions about King Kong

Bernard Cooper, Tone Poem

Patricia Corbus, Retro in Orange

Irretrievably girl in other words
      ashamed pear-shaped earnest canary
has just about licked up her past

Patricia Corbus, Two Poems

Robert Cording, Gratitude

Robert Cording, Much Laughter

Alfred Corn, from 1992

Alfred Corn, from Notes from a Child of Paradise

Alfred Corn, Apartment on 22nd St.

Alfred Corn, Insertion Arias

Alfred Corn, La Madeline

Alfred Corn, Lost and Found

Alfred Corn, Philosophy

Alfred Corn, Two Poems

The Wife to Potiphar

Regret his imprisonment? Yes! I wanted him dead.
But a month or two of Egyptian penal correction
Should serve the purpose. No, I don't miss him, not now.

Alfred Corn, Two Poems

Alfred Corn, Who, What, Where, When, Why?

Dawn Corrigan, Three Poems

T. Zachary Cotler, Beautiful without Money

Suddenly fatigued among French
women in the roman

Jon Cott, Swimming

Henri Coulette, Antony and Cleopatra

Under the azure where the noon sun totters,
Its golden poop, its silk pavilhons
As radiant as a galaxy of suns,

Henri Coulette, Evening in the Park

Henri Coulette, The Blue-Eyed Precinct Worker

Peter Covino, At the Triple Treat Theatre

Michael Covino, In The Poor Part of Town

Catherine Coy, In Hibernis

Catherine Coy, Three Poems

Alexander Craig, Two Poems

William Crain, Tears on the Quadrangle

Steven Cramer, The Anniversary

Steven Cramer, The House Once Identified as Paradise

Steven Cramer, Two Poems

Steven Cramer, Two Poems

Douglas Crase, Dog Star Sale

Douglas Crase, Theme Park

Douglas Crase, Two Poems

Robert Creeley, An Illness

Robert Creeley, Anger

Robert Creeley, Days and Days

Robert Creeley, For John Duff

Robert Creeley, Poems

Robert Creeley, The Edge

Robert Creeley, The Finger

Robert Creeley, Two Poems

Craig Crist-Evans, Heron

Nicolas L.M. Crome, The Fox Hunt

The way the hunt progressed, I thought
The fox would hound me in my sleep.
The way he carved the bottom land

Ronald Crowe, Inventory

T. Crunk, Redemption

Cynthia Cruz, Two Poems

Nicole Cuddeback, Son of Medea

Nicole Cuddeback, Two Poems

Brian Culhane, Chekhov's "The Student"

Brian Culhane, Knowing Greek

Brian Culhane, Two Poems

James Cummins, from a Notebook

James Cummins, Schindler's List

James Cummins, Sestina

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James Cummins, Three Poems

James Cummins, Three Poems

James Cummins, Two Poems

James Cummins, Two Poems

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