Four Poems

Dorothea Lasky


All types of porn are horrific
I just watched a woman fuck a hired hand
In her marble kitchen while her friends looked on
The title of the movie was Divorce Party
And throughout his big cock, her skinny thighs
Her friends shouted, Nah girl, now you’re free

But no she’s not she’s in a movie
And now I am crying
Because the man looks like an ex-boyfriend
Or my half brother
My boss
A monster
Someone who left me in the dark
Someone who darkened me
A million times over

I’ve only fucked 7 guys in my whole life
But I’ve watched more porn than you ever will
Hours and hours
A woman and a dog
Three women
A hairy fruit
Four bending over backwards
Vomit sex
The underplay
Of tendril
In motion

I watch porn
Cause I’ll never be in love
Except with you dear reader
Who thinks I surrender
But who’s to say this stanza is not porn

Calculated and hurtful
All my friends say I’m free
And yes, maybe I am
But are you free
No, you’ll never be
I’ve got you in my grasp
I’ve got you right here in my room
Once again

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