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Behold the Zenith Z-19

October 5, 2016 | by

Revisited is a series in which writers look back on a work of art they first encountered long ago.

The Zenith Z-19.

The Zenith Z-19.

The Zenith Z-19 is not a computer. It’s an end point of memory and desire, a vanishing horizon, a terminus, a terminal. It is also certainly not a monitor.

In 1979 my family’s Zenith Z-19 sat dull-eyed on a whitewashed, built-in desk in my parents’ L-shaped bedroom in New Hampshire. That year I was ten, and I was never not at that terminal. I beheld my Zenith Z-19 as I never had, and never will, not even close, observe a great painting or statue at Angkor Wat or the Vatican. I will never gaze at the aurora borealis that way—something as wordless, undying and not mine as the night sky? Frankly I find it hard to believe stars hold more than the polite interest of other people.

Was it flat? It was, to the touch. You could jab in, past the hard, battleship-hued casing, touching a rectangular screen with pleasing dimensions that drew on the golden mean. Whatever static my fingers lifted, I remember it as minor, but I distinctly remember the uppermost layer of that machine’s complexion to be petal-soft and cool—poreless, scaleless, hairless, but vibrating with life like a mammal. I can see it now, in a cramped image, on my tarty MacBook pixmap, where the old terminal’s recessive palate seems despairingly out of place. On Wikipedia, the screen plays as olive drab—but drab it was not. Read More »

Papal Abdication: A Potpourri of Popery

March 8, 2013 | by

Mike Duncan is studying public history at Southwest Texas State, in Austin, and is currently at work on an historical marker for Warner Brothers cartoonist Tex Avery.

Jason Novak works at a grocery store in Berkeley, California, and changes diapers in his spare time.



On the Shelf

July 6, 2011 | by

Photograph by Michael Stravato.

A cultural news roundup.

  • Artist Cy Twombly died this week at eighty-three.
  • Newly revealed letters point to the existence of unpublished Salinger manuscripts.
  • People do, in fact, give a damn about an Oxford comma.
  • The best party game of all time gets its due.
  • Hemingway's remains one of the iconic American deaths. He has come close to being remembered as much for his death as for his work, a terrible fate for a writer.”
  • Penguin launches an app.
  • For the first time, documents from the Vatican’s secret archives will go on view.
  • Hang onto those proofs!
  • When they’re good, they're very, very good: the Mobys celebrate the best and worst in book trailers.
  • “You should not have idle hands, you should always be working. All your life.” And other words of wisdom from Chekhov.
  • No rabbits were harmed in the making of As You Like It.