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Growing Pains

May 28, 2015 | by


From Punch, 1877.

“Do you realize,” my friend Susannah said to me, “that we’re getting too old to be precocious?” This was at the start of the sixth grade. Susannah was, in fact, very precocious: politically minded, she had styled herself as an outspoken feminist, organizing an abortive boycott of a substitute gym teacher’s sexist softball practices. “I know,” she said sympathetically when she saw my face. “That’s how I felt, too—I almost cried. It’s a tragedy.”

This was dramatic, but Susannah wasn’t wrong. In some ways, the sands of time were running out, and our glory days were behind us. Soon, behaviors we’d once been rewarded for would be recognized as obnoxious, or precious, or odd. We’d have to hide them rather than flaunt them. What had been advanced was now arrested. Students at this point were honored for work and accomplishment rather than for quirks of early development. Read More »

Happy Birthday, Gatsby; Good-bye, Britannica

April 11, 2012 | by

  • The eighth installment of Kramers Ergot moves toward (cerebral) genre.
  • Rule Britannia: An appreciation of the legendary eleventh edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • This Rizzoli boutique is far more lovely than one would expect a department-store bookstore to be.
  • What are the most frequently shoplifted books? Crowdsourcing the answer!
  • Guess who “enjoys working with Amazon”? Robert Gottlieb, that's who.
  • On the “Dark Lady of American Letters”: Margaret Fuller was a divisive figure due to “the effect of her manners, which expressed an overweening sense of power, and slight esteem of others … The men thought she carried too many guns, and the women did not like one who despised them.”
  • Bookish weddings.
  • Happy belated birthday, Great Gatsby.