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A Day in the Sun for Beleaguered Librarians, and Other News

February 3, 2014 | by


Photo: Bill Branson



The Best-Seller Algorithm, and Other News

January 9, 2014 | by

Computer Reading

  • Scientists have developed an algorithm for writing a hit novel. Go easy on the verbs and the clichés, and you, too, may see the best-seller list. (Consider calling your book “The Best-Seller Algorithm,” which has the bold ring of a blockbuster.)
  • An endearingly earnest infographic defends librarians in the digital age. Look out for such phrases as “portal to archive” and “techy-savvy librarianship.”
  • Strange things are afoot in New Mexico, where Cormac McCarthy’s ex-wife has been arrested for threatening someone with a gun after “a domestic dispute over space aliens.” Apologies for burying the lede, but: she produced the gun from her vagina.
  • Earlier this week, an arsonist burned Tripoli’s Al Sa’eh Library, destroying an estimated fifty thousand books.



Cinematic Librarians, and Other News

November 12, 2013 | by


  • The Brooklyn Quarterly publishes a roundtable with five writers on the purpose and state of argumentative fiction.
  • Compellingunique, and poignant get 86’d from PW reviews. 
  • Party Girl, Bunny Watson, and other amazing pop-culture librarians.
  • The family of Malcolm X is suing to prevent the publication of the diary he kept in the year prior to his death.


    Librarians’ Darkest Secrets, and Other News

    October 9, 2013 | by


  • Shame! Librarians tell all.
  • “I think that Napoleon was a terrific guy before he started crossing national borders. Over the course of time, his temperament changed, and his behavior was insensitive to the nations he occupied. Through greed—which it sees differently, as technological development and efficiency for the customer and low price, all that—[Amazon] has walked itself into the position of thinking that it can thrive without the assistance of anyone else. That is megalomania.” Andrew Wylie on Amazon
  • For those inured to leaf-peeping, an October guide to Northeastern horror-writer tourism.
  • Wamblecropt, groke, and other wonderful, forgotten words


    Faulkner Nobel on the Block, and Other News

    March 29, 2013 | by




    #Librariansasteenagers, and Other News

    March 27, 2013 | by


  • Because it is a truth universally acknowledged that every celebrity has a children’s book in him, Jim Carrey is penning How Roland Rolls, a metaphysical story about a wave.
  • French cultural minister Aurélie Filippetti says the government is creating a fund to help struggling independent bookstores to ensure that France “never suffers the same fate as the United States.” Fair enough, France.
  • We all know the stories of authors who abhor the crass Hollywood commercialization of their work. Here are some happier outcomes! (Susan Orlean’s approbation is especially generous, considering!)
  • Encouraging or dismaying? Books on bullying are big business. Or, in the Times’s somewhat unfortunate parlance, “hot and profitable.”
  • #Librariansasteenagers is a hash tag.