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Jack London Advises; Baboons “Read”

April 13, 2012 | by

  • Slate weighs in on the e-book case: “The DoJ’s action effectively robs publishers of the ability to price their own products and robs other retailers of any hope of competing effectively with Amazon. Hence the DoJ has all but guaranteed a future in which readers end up with fewer well-edited books—both physical and electronic—and in which writers feel less free to speak against concentrated power.”
  • Here is an igloo made of books.
  • Baboons reading … remedially.
  • We have a title: J. K. Rowling’s adult debut will be titled The Casual Vacancy.
  • Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul Museum of Innocence (which started as a novel) opens later this month.
  • The challenge of culling books.
  • Jack London did not sugarcoat it for a young writer.
  • David Sedaris: “Throughout my 20s and early 30s—my two-books-per-week years—I did most of my reading at the International House of Pancakes.”

    Thurber Insults and Library Dreams

    March 28, 2012 | by

    A cultural news roundup.

  • Happy seventy-sixth, Mario Vargas Llosa!
  • Muggles get the Harry Potter treatment in Florida. “At Ollivanders, the wand shop, character actors put on a show. With a few dozen people crowded into a room, a bearded wizard proceeds to help a child select a wand. ‘Descendo!’ he cries. Boxes tumble down and the shelves fall apart on cue. It was the wrong wand. ‘Repairo!’ he cries. The shelves put themselves back together. The long-bearded gent eventually gives the girl an Ash wand, ‘an excellent wand for a charismatic, successful wizard.’”
  • You can even read the books!
  • At forty-two, historical novelist Rabee Jaber is the youngest winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction.
  • On the plus side, James Thurber wrote back to his fans. “One of the things that discourage us writers is the fact that 90 per cent of you children write wholly, or partly, illiterate letters, carelessly typed. You yourself write ‘clarr’ for ‘class’ and that’s a honey, Robert, since s is next to a, and r is on the line above.”
  • An ode to the thesaurus.
  • How about a little fancy-library porn? (This Johns Hopkins professor totally beats Lagerfeld in the library stakes.)
  • Book origami.
  • Henry James is the most-studied writer.
  • Did it really take this long to make an Art of War graphic novel?

    On the Shelf

    June 22, 2011 | by

    A cultural news roundup.

  • A. Whitney Ellsworth, the first publisher of The New York Review of Books, has died at seventy-five.
  • Even Kate Middleton’s spelling is under scrutiny.
  • Andrea Levy’s The Long Song has won the Walter Scott prize for historical fiction.
  • Whoa. Keanu Reeves writes poetry.
  • Pottermore mania!
  • Celebrate Independent Bookseller’s Week.
  • The Hobbit movie will contain an elf character not found in the original book, to be played by Evangeline Lilly.
  • The first self-published author to sell a million e-books is one John Locke (not to be confused with the philosopher).
  • Says Jim Shepard of his ominously named story collection You Think That’s Bad: “It does seem to embody some of the characters’ worldviews ... [It’s like saying,] ‘Wait until you see what’s coming.’”
  • In order to compete against online retailers, independent bookstores may have to start charging for their events. Ann Patchett is concerned: “I wouldn’t want the people who have no idea who I am and have nothing else to do on a Wednesday night shut out. Those are your readers.”
  • Who will win the Greenaway Medal?
  • Meet the greatest baseball game ever played.