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Design a Cover for the Twentieth Anniversary Edition of Infinite Jest

August 13, 2015 | by


There are two routes to literary immortality:

  • Slave for years—if not decades—over a work of fiction so searingly sui generis, so well and truly fused with an authentic zeitgeist, so deeply attuned to life’s vicissitudes and the mysteries of the soul, that establishment and nonestablishment figures alike have no choice but to revere you and send you soaring toward the firmament, never to be forgotten.
  • Hitch your wagon to David Foster Wallace’s star.

For the less ambitious among us, option number two has never been more desirable. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Infinite Jest, Little, Brown is hosting a contest: you can design the cover for the new edition, thus earning one thousand dollars and suturing your memory to Wallace’s own. Read More »

Get a Digital Subscription and Win a Signed Copy!

June 17, 2011 | by

Have you bought your iPad subscription to the Review yet?

What? You haven’t?!

Sign up now, send us the confirmation e-mail, and we will enter you to win a copy of the new issue signed by cover artist Matteo Pericoli. The drawing will take place Monday.

Send your entry to with the subject line “Digital Edition Drawing.”


And We Have A Winner!

June 1, 2011 | by

We asked, you answered: the thunderous response to our Arcadia ticket giveaway contest made this a tough decision for the panel of judges. The challenge was to write a couplet answering the question “Does Carnal Embrace Addle the Brain?” Entries ranged from the sublime, to the very long, to the ridiculous—with everything (and a lot of adult content) in between. The winners were chosen by an elite panel selected for their expertise—and experience—in brain-addled behavior. Criteria included keeping to couplet form; topical subjects; inventiveness; or anything that made us laugh.

Our winner gets a pair of tickets to Broadway’s Arcadia; our three runners-up will receive ever-chic Paris Review tees.

The Runners-Up:

He made up the apple to hide his depravity.
Testicles dangled. “My God!” he said. “Gravity!”
Kay Nine

Brains and dicks are of similar stuff.
One used unrestrained causes horrors enough.

To all police, when on (or off) duty,
Protect, not rape, shirtless, blacked-out booty.

And Our Winner:

Carnal Embrace Turns a King Into a Beggar
And makes a Single Man out of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Congratulations, Guy and thank you all participants for many entertaining (and occasionally alarming) hours! Stay tuned for more competitions in the future ...


Win Two Tickets to Arcadia

May 28, 2011 | by

The Paris Review is giving away two tickets to Arcadia—Tom Stoppard’s paean to poetry and bodies in heat—now on Broadway at the Barrymore Theatre. To win, make like Ezra Chater in The Couch of Eros and wax poetic on the immortal question, “Does Carnal Embrace Addle the Brain?” Keep your lines to a couplet, but in true Stoppardian fashion, let your imagination run wild: anything from the impending Kardashian nuptials to Kate Wood’s philosophy to the (alleged) crimes of DSK is fair game. Share yours in comments below. The winning entry will be announced on Wednesday, June 1.