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Sketches from the Trial of Bradley Manning

August 5, 2013 | by


On Tuesday, I sat in a Fort Meade courtroom, waiting to hear if Bradley Manning would be found guilty of treason. Bradley Manning’s trial (like those of hacktivist Jeremy Hammond, or Anonymous-affiliated journalist Barrett Brown) is a trial of modernity. It shows the old world lashing out against an increasingly uncontrollable future.

I was there because I know which side I’m on.


A tight community of supporters has grown around Manning. From veterans and NASA scientists to teenagers and retirees, they stand in the hot sun while drivers from Fort Meade scream insults at them. They wear black T-shirts, printed with the word truth. Many have been coming for years. They speak of Manning as a friend—or, sometimes, their child. They care for him as much as for they do for the truth his leaks represented. They take care of each other. Read More »


Do-Gooders, Good Covers

October 3, 2012 | by

  • Check out Design Observer’s list of cover-design award winners.
  • A California school library is saved by an anonymous sixty-thousand-dollar donation.
  • An interactive Shakespeare app includes narration by Derek Jacobi, an Elizabethan-to-modern translation function, and video clips.
  • Three protest songs by Nicholson Baker: the writer takes on military intervention, Bradley Manning, and civilian casualties.
  • “I got my M.F.A. out on the streets. My thesis advisor was a garbage bag filled with overdue library books.” How to apply to an M.F.A. program.

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