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On Not Thinking Like a Writer, and Other News

November 26, 2013 | by


  • “The artist must avoid thinking like a writer.” The letters of Cézanne.
  • “It isn’t only about droll or absurd situations, it’s about the language used to describe those situations.” Paul Auster on Samuel Beckett.
  • In honor of Umberto Eco’s Legendary Lands, maps of imaginary lands.
  • “Last December, on a Sunday like so many Boston Sundays, one that began in sunshine but gave way to snow showers, three hundred members of Old South Church gathered for a congregational meeting. After hours of debate following weeks of discussion, they voted to sell one of their two copies of the Bay Psalm Book.” Casey N. Cep on America’s first book.


    Selling Psalms, and Other News

    December 4, 2012 | by

  • Boston’s Old South Church is considering selling the Bay Psalm Book, thought to be the oldest book published in North America. The money would be used to finance repairs to the 1874 building.
  • On touching Sylvia Plath’s hair, the Plath Symposium, and literary hagiography.
  • Dispatches from the first Twitter Fiction Festival.
  • Managing the challenges of preserving the Vatican’s treasures.
  • The emotional life of books.
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