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Rumors of the Death of the Book Greatly Exaggerated, and Other News

April 10, 2013 | by


  • Peter Workman, “known in the publishing world as a genially offbeat entrepreneur of nonfiction, with an on-base percentage—in publishing terms—worthy of Cooperstown,” has died. Workman hits included The Preppy Handbook, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and The Silver Palate Cookbook.
  • Barnes & Noble gets into the self-publishing game with NOOK Press.
  • The death of the book, like doomsday, has been predicted since time immemorial.
  • But: “If reading is going be all digital in fifty years, so be it.” Tim Waterstone, founder of the eponymous bookstore chain, is philosophical.
  • Listen to John le Carré read from his new novel.


    O Tempora! And Other News

    January 29, 2013 | by

  • If you’re not Pride and Prejudiced out, here’s a playlist. (We think it should end with “Chapel of Love,” but that’s a matter of opinion.)
  • Barnes & Noble will be downsizing, closing twenty stores a year for the next ten years. (Did you know they had that many stores?)
  • In related news, the Globe and Mail is, depressingly, slashing its books section. That’s right: “Slashing.”
  • At least the word puberty is no longer censored! Judy Blume on the bad times.
  • It would seem that Harry Potter, like the Bible, can be used to support any argument.