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Sendak Does Tolstoy, and Other News

June 20, 2013 | by


  • Maurice Sendak illustrates Tolstoy.
  • And speaking of collaborations! Appropriately enough, there is now an interactive app for William Shakespeare’s Star Wars.
  • Everyone loves Bloomsday; why no Dalloway Day? (Dalloday?)
  • Ten words for which we could really use English equivalents. (Although, really, we should just learn the ones we don’t know. Especially age-otori.)
  • “Gertrude Stein, with her gnomish, arty, aphoristic tendencies, would seem to be ideal. ‘There is no there there’ may be one of the great proto-tweets.”



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    1. Margaret Langstaff | June 20, 2013 at 2:58 pm

      There is something inherently exhilarating and astonishing to see one major talent (i.e., Sendak) use another (Tolstoy) as a springboard for something wholly original and new, whether an ersatz “interpretation,” “critique,” “enhancement;” whatever it is, doesn’t matter because something fresh and imaginative results.

      But what is icky to me is the current explosion of hucksters mining and perverting the original works of such greats as Austen, Shakespeare, the biggies, and creating the general impression among the credulous that they are true representations of towering writers’ works.

      You see so much of this online. A related phenom is the online mania for “QUOTES,” (ugh!) which are most often quips taken out of context (& thus distorted) or outright MIS-attributions.

      The barbarians are at the gate! Hell’s bells.

      I feel better now. Thank you (hahaha)

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